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Washington Iraqi mom, son seek healing in United States

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Iraqi expatriates fear being left out of elections
Iraqi-American groups say disorganization and overly stringent requirements are plaguing an ambitious effort to allow expatriates worldwide to vote in Iraq's Jan. 30 elections.

| | Thursday, January 6 | 10:48 pm

Congress expects $100 billion war request
Congress expects the White House to request as much as $100 billion this year for war and related costs in Iraq and Afghanistan, congressional officials say.

| USA TODAY | Monday, January 3 | 11:30 pm

Army spending billions on new armored vehicles
The Army said Wednesday that it is spending $4.1 billion to armor all military wheeled vehicles in Iraq by June.

| | Wednesday, December 15 | 11:23 pm

Army Guard now says its Iraq troops figure was inaccurate
The Army National Guard said Monday it had given USA TODAY an inaccurate count of the total number of Guard troops in Iraq since the beginning of the war in March 2003, but still could not provide a precise count.

| Dave Moniz | USA TODAY | Tuesday, December 14 | 10:29 am

U.S. faces daunting `Sunni problem'
The challenge for U.S. and Iraqi forces now is to get control of the insurgency in time for the elections without killing and alienating so many Sunnis that they feel rebellion is their only option.

| John Yaukey | GNS | Tuesday, November 30 | 3:28 pm

Humvees go high-tech for soldier safety
The military has been spending millions to develop better weapons and vehicles, with a focus on the Humvee. Soldiers and Army officials say upgrades have been valuable because they've already helped save lives.

| Frank Oliveri | GNS | Monday, November 15 | 7:50 pm

U.S. weapons report details corruption of oil-for-food program
However, Saddam Hussein's regime found ways to turn the program to its advantage. That corruption is detailed in a report released last week by the chief U.S. weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer.

| USA TODAY | Monday, October 11 | 11:20 pm

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Soldiers' families bring battle home | August 2, 2004 | 7:34 pm

America has work to do on image

The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News | May 7, 2004 | 2:49 pm

War images paint landscape of death

The Arizona Republic | April 26, 2004 | 12:38 pm

In Clarksville, Tenn., many say it's about time Saddam nabbed

The (Nashville) Tennessean | December 15, 2003 | 10:04 am

Saddam's capture cheers Army recruiters

The (Nashville) Tennessean | December 15, 2003 | 10:00 am

'Rat hole' fitting for tyrant, Iraqis and Kurds in Tenn. say

The (Nashville) Tennessean | December 15, 2003 | 9:59 am

Tenn. church members rejoice for rebuilding, capture

The Jackson (Tenn.) Sun | December 15, 2003 | 9:43 am

Ft. Campbell, Ky., soldiers return to post, news of capture

The (Clarksville, Tenn.) Leaf-Chronicle | December 15, 2003 | 9:40 am

Kurdish South Dakotans rejoice at Saddam's arrest

The (Sioux Falls, S.D.) Argus Leader | December 15, 2003 | 9:37 am

Saddam's capture raises spirits at Ore. Guard gathering

(Salem, Ore.) Statesman Journal | December 15, 2003 | 9:36 am

At Ohio Guard base, guarded optimism

(Mansfield, Ohio) News Journal | December 15, 2003 | 9:33 am

Mansfield, Ohio, residents want troops to come home early

(Mansfield, Ohio) News Journal | December 15, 2003 | 9:33 am

Ohio soldiers' families relieved

The Cincinnati Enquirer | December 15, 2003 | 9:30 am

Cincinnati residents react to Saddam's arrest

The Cincinnati Enquirer | December 15, 2003 | 9:29 am

Capture delivers relief for 1001st, families

Chillicothe (Ohio) Gazette | December 15, 2003 | 9:27 am

News of Saddam's arrest brings feeling of relief to N.C. soldier's family

(Asheville, N.C.) Citizen-Times | December 15, 2003 | 9:25 am

Westchester, N.Y., Muslim leaders hail capture

The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News | December 15, 2003 | 9:22 am

Westchester, N.Y., military, families encouraged by capture

The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News | December 15, 2003 | 9:21 am

Capture thrills Utica, N.Y., region's Muslim

The (Utica, N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch | December 15, 2003 | 9:19 am

Capture buoys outbound N.Y. Guard troops

(Rochester, N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle | December 15, 2003 | 9:18 am

Rochester, N.Y., Iraqis celebrate 'big day'

(Rochester, N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle | December 15, 2003 | 9:17 am

N.Y. activists, academics hail capture

The Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal | December 15, 2003 | 9:16 am

N.J. general oversaw capture

(Morristown, N.J.) Daily Record | December 15, 2003 | 9:13 am

'It's a good day for the Iraqi people,' says ex-POW's N.J. family

(Cherry Hill, N.J.) Courier Post | December 15, 2003 | 9:12 am

South Jersey residents: Some call for torture, others say trial

(Cherry Hill, N.J.) Courier Post | December 15, 2003 | 9:10 am

Central Jersey residents doubtful Iraq violence will slow

The (Bridgewater, N.J.) Courier-News | December 15, 2003 | 9:09 am

N.J. Muslims cautiously hopeful for Iraq's future

Asbury Park (N.J.) Press | December 15, 2003 | 8:35 am

For GIs, families in N.J., 'truly a great day' in America

Asbury Park (N.J.) Press | December 15, 2003 | 8:34 am

Nev. congressman warns of possible increased attacks on U.S. forces

The Reno (Nev.) Gazette-Journal | December 15, 2003 | 8:29 am

Nev. military officials discuss ramifications

The Reno (Nev.) Gazette-Journal | December 15, 2003 | 8:28 am

Montana troops feel morale swell

Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune | December 15, 2003 | 8:27 am

Military families in Ozarks happy, but realistic about dangers ahead

The (Springfield, Mo.) News-Leader | December 15, 2003 | 8:25 am

Miss. churches abuzz with talk about capture

The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger | December 15, 2003 | 8:23 am

Mid-Mich. residents hit phone lines after news of arrest

Lansing (Mich.) State Journal | December 15, 2003 | 8:20 am

Capture boosts Mich. troops' spirits

Lansing (Mich.) State Journal | December 15, 2003 | 8:19 am

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    Richard Benedetto | GNS

    Democracy is learned, not force-fed

    Norman Lockman | The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journ

    Statue fell, and we went back to old habits

    Bill Goodykoontz | The Arizona Republic

    Enduring images of Iraq include those of a transformed military

    Chuck Raasch | GNS

    War at the dining table or elephant in the room?

    Rekha Basu | The Des Moines Register

    Time needed to honor Piestewa properly

    Laurie Roberts | The Arizona Republic

    War feelings don't fit neatly on T-shirts

    Richard Ruelas|The Arizona Republic

    Making sense of death, liberation, celebration is no easy task

    Greg Barrett | GNS

    Lynch wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, ended up a POW

    Chuck Raasch | GNS

    Educators consider fall of Baghdad a teaching moment

    Ruth Holladay l The Indianapolis Star

    Symbolism is peak in Phoenix and a statue in Baghdad

    E.J. Montini l The Arizona Republic

    Iraqi freedom will require more than bombs

    Jon Talton l The Arizona Republic

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