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Thursday, June 24

Comparisons made about postwar period

By Gannett News Service

President Bush and leading administration officials have compared the occupation and rebuilding of Iraq to the occupations of Japan and Germany after World War II, each of which took years.

Here's how the occupation in Iraq compares to the postwar campaigns in Germany and Japan:

Iraq. 14-month occupation scheduled to end June 30. Iraqis are to hold elections no later than Jan. 31, 2005, and write a constitution by the end of 2005. Occupation troops are attacked daily. There was no formal surrender by the former regime.

Japan. Adopted a constitution 15 months after the war ended, and put it into effect in May 1947. There was no postwar insurgency. Japan formally surrendered and was much more badly damaged than Iraq after the war.

Germany. Took three years to write a constitution and four years to hold elections. There was almost no postwar insurgency. Also badly damaged after the war and formally surrendered.