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Friday, February 7

Iraq's main opposition groups

By Staff reports

Iraq's main opposition groups have been asking the United States to keep them informed of plans to topple Saddam Hussein. These groups have received U.S. funding in the past for their operations. Some might play prominent roles in a U.S.-led war against Iraq, although American war planners have stressed they will not allow any one ethnic group to unfairly dominate Iraq after leader Saddam is toppled.

The groups are:

- Iraqi National Congress: This umbrella group based in London, includes several defected Iraqi generals, including INC leader Ahmad Chalabi.

- Patriotic Union of Kurdistan: A Kurdish militia group, based in northern Iraq outside of Baghdad's control. Along with Kurdistan Democratic Party, the union has about 40,000 anti-Saddam forces.

- Kurdistan Democratic Party: Another Kurdish militia group, based in northern Iraq outside of Baghdad's control. Along with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, this group has about 40,000 anti-Saddam forces.

- Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq: Based in Tehran, with about 3,000 fighters near Iraq's border with Iran.

- Iraqi National Accord: A group of former members of the ruling Baath party, based in London.